Eyevis paves the way for further growth


A double-digit sales increase and a shareholder’s increase in capital stock, provide security for positive future prospects at the large-screen-expert from Reutlingen.

After two years of stagnating sales figures in 2013 and 2014, eyevis group could record a substantial increase in turnover in 2016, continuing the improvements from 2015. With a gain of 17% compared to previous year’s outcome, 2016 could be completed ahead of schedule. A main reason for this growth is the LED-business, which is operated in a partnership with Chinese LED-manufacturer Unilumin. Also the Swabian inventors’ in-house developments contributed a considerable amount to the positive growth. The newly introduced slim-cubes, rear-projection- units with the lowest depth available in the industry, are becoming increasingly popular in control rooms all over the world, since their release one and a half years ago.

With both product lines several major projects could be won and put into practice, which contributed significantly to the company result. eyevis’ LED video walls provide brilliant images for example in management offices of several big German companies and banks, a Mexican TV-studio and in the headquarters of a Russian energy provider. One of the biggest and highest resolution immersive 360° screens could be realized for the University of New South Wales in Sydney with the 3-D- compatible Slim-Cubes. Mainly designed for control rooms the slim-cubes were installed in many traffic centers and power stations worldwide. eyevis could also record a significant increase compared to previous years, with their leading IT-solutions for controlling video walls.

Winning new international partners, a strong presence in newly entered vertical markets and moderate actions inside the company, are helping to build a basis to come up to growth targets. Due to eyevis’ positive development the shareholders are convinced of the successful business model, which underlines a capital stock increase on the part of the investors.