eyevis' LED-module-series for information systems hits the nerve of the sector


Entry to the market of train displays and passenger information systems at airports was successful

The visitors interest was certainly going to be in eyevis products when the leading manufacturer of visualisation systems for professional applications presented its train displays based on LED-modules at Innotrans in Berlin at the end of September. They have been a real novelty in more than one way. Firstly, they mark eyevis’ entry into the area of platform displays and information systems at airports and public areas, and at the same time this innovative form of displaying format with a pixel pitch of only 2.5 mm, a brightness of up to 6000 cd/m2 and with IP65 protection class represents a big step in technological development from former LCD solutions to promising LED technologies.

„Our new product, the LED-modules, type EYE-LED-MODULE-BOARD-O-2.5, were extremely well received – we saw great interest,” Walter Hammel explains, Innotrans was also his debut as a sales representative for eyevis. He will further develop the market segment of passenger information systems in the future. “After this fantastic entrance into the market of train displays, which is still new to us, we will clearly position ourselves as the technologically leading company. Our LED-displays combine reliability during 24/7 operations and great readability as well as longevity and modularity”.

Facts about the new LED-train display series

eyevis offers two modules with different brightness levels. With a brightness of 2500 cd/m2, the variant with Black-Face LED eye-LED-MODULE-BOARD-O-B is designed for interior use, whereas the White-Face variant eye-LED-MODULE-BOARD-O-W with an extremely high brightness level of 6000 cd/m2 is scoring outdoors and in bright buildings. The content on display remains visible and perfectly readable even in challenging light conditions, as for example in direct sunlight. Both versions are robust and suitable for outdoor use.

The LED modules, with a size of 20 × 20 cm each, can be pieced together to seamless displays in almost any size. Moreover, eyevis also offers integration into custom-made cases in addition to the display modules.

LED technologies with clear advantages

The latest LED modules offer a wider viewing angle and a higher durability of over 100,000 operating hours, compared to other technologies. They are exceptionally energy saving despite their high level of brightness. Due to the minimal pixel pitch of 2.5 mm, the resolution of the eyevis LED modules is very high, which renders a high information density possible.

With LED modules, burn-in problems are an issue of the past. This technology is the perfect basis for the reliable 24/7 operation of displays. The LED modules not only present pin-sharp writing but also brilliant colour pictures and videos.

Overall solutions for control rooms with cooperation partners

eyevis may be new to the market of train displays, however, the manufacturer is very well known for its control room visualisation systems. Alongside with Knürr Technical Furniture and Wey Technology, eyevis presented an overall concept for control rooms at Innotrans. All three partners are experts in their respective fields: visualisation solutions, operating concepts and technical furniture. Their products merged into an overall solution which presented the Innotrans visitors a lifelike image of the practical system applications.



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