Belarus Energy Dispatch Centre Unveils 24/7 Monitoring System


Displays Help Monitoring And Management Of Country’s Power Grid

A video wall comprising 18 eyevis LED-lit rear projection cubes is at the hub of a new energy dispatch centre serving the Brest region of Belarus. The 8m by 3m video wall has been installed for Brest Republican Unitary Enterprise Brestenergo, which provides electricity and thermal energy to more than half a million people. It displays all the necessary strategic information for the monitoring and management of the Republic of Belarus’ power grid in the area.

The entire large screen system is made up of 18 eyevis EC-67-LSXT+-CP-1000 67-inch modular rear projection cubes. Each of the cubes provides SXGA+ resolution with 1400×1050 pixels. Thanks to the seamless design of the cubes, there are hardly any visible gaps between the individual modules of the wall. An eyevis netPIX video wall controller, eyeCON® wall management software and high-quality optical fibre cable systems complement the system.

During operation the video wall is positioned directly at the inner wall of the building. A specially designed rail system enables pulling the wall to the front to provide sufficient space for the technicians to access the cubes from the rear.

The overall project was completed with system integrator Open Communications, based in Minsk.

Cubes Designed For Applications Requiring Constant Operation

The eyevis EC-67-LSXT+-CP-1000 uses innovative Cluster-LED technology for illumination and is especially designed for applications which require a reliable 24/7 operation. As a result of the long life-time of the LEDs the cubes provide stable image quality during up to nine years in continuous operation. Through their enhanced brightness levels the new cubes can now also be installed in applications that require brighter image representation. For control rooms, the performance of the LEDs can be reduced to lower levels, which results in less power consumption and thermal load. In addition, the reduced power of the LEDs further extends their lifetime. The use of DLP® rear projection technology guarantees that there are absolutely no negative effects such as image retention or ghost images caused by the prolonged display of static image content as with LCD or plasma screens. An especially important fact for control rooms which rely on non-moving images like power grids or other SCADA applications. To provide stable appearance of colours and brightness on all cubes and hence a uniform image on the entire wall, the system at Brestenergo runs eyevis Auto-Colour-Tracking option which permanently receives data from various sensors inside the cubes and adjusts the settings of the projection engines accordingly to common values.

Technology Creates High Reliability 24-Hour Displays

Oxana Bychkovskaya, eyevis Sales Manager for the Russia region, said: “We are delighted that Brestenergo has chosen eyevis technology for the upgrade of its monitoring centre, which will benefit from high performance, reliable video wall in a 24/7 environment. eyevis can provide customized solutions for installations, as demonstrated in this case by the bespoke rail system.“

About Brestenergo

Brestenergo was founded in May 1954 by the merger of small power plants and local electricity networks. It is one of the leading enterprises in the Brest region and has a leading position in the energy market of the Republic of Belarus.



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