Flight simulator display experts eyevis and Antycip Simulation, Europe’s leading provider of COTS simulation software, are to work more closely together after several successful projects.

These include the recent provision and installation of a helicopter simulator for an airline client in Eastern Europe.

The expanded partnership comes as both companies continue to provide the best solutions for clients throughout the sector.

eyevis specialises in the development and production of high-quality video wall display systems for use in flight simulators.

The 55-inch EYE-LCD-5500-XSN-LD displays used in the latest project have an extremely thin bezel, making it possible to create video setups with an almost invisible mechanical gap of only 3.5mm between the displays in a combined video wall configuration.

Antycip Simulation is recognised as Europe’s leading provider of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) simulation software, projection and display systems, and related engineering services.

Its work supports clients in making the most of their training, simulation, analysis, and visualisation, helping them to save time, money and other resources, by being better at what they do.

eyevis UK managing director Steve Murphy said: “Antycip Simulation works to bring together a truly tailored solution to meet customers’ project requirements and resources. eyevis products provide the perfect high quality, efficient, low maintenance solution for the flight simulator sector and we are delighted to be working more closely together.”

Michel Pronier, CEO for Antycip Simulation, said: “Our professional expertise from 20 years of working at the leading edge of COTS simulation software and high end projection & display installations means we have the depth of knowledge and insight to help customers get the best and the most from their projects, from design to installation to in-use support.

“eyevis products help us to do that and provide an excellent solution for our clients.”

In addition to display hardware and video wall controllers, eyevis develops intelligent software solutions to achieve a complete and integrated large screen system.

Its video wall controllers allow the direct display of IP video streams from the majority of IP video manufacturers, in addition to analogue video and graphic data from PC and networked sources.

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