Maintenance Contract

Basic maintenance contract for regular inspection and preventive maintenance to prevent unplanned down-times.

Our Services:

  • Inspection and preventive maintenance: functional testing, adjusting and cleaning of the system, system check, software updates, patches
  • Comprehensive report with recommended actions
  • 24/7 availability on the telephone for failure reporting
  • Ordering of spare parts around the clock

Your Benefit:

  • Maximum system availability and productivity
  • Periodic review by eyevis specialists
  • Constant availability (24/7) for failure reporting and ordering of spare parts
  • Long-term maintenance of the value of your system
  • Enables reliable planning and calculable costs through favourable package prices compared to the individual services and scheduled. Maintenance service at your desired time.

You need further information about our service products?
We are looking forward to answering any of your questions or to prepare an offer on regular maintenance that exactly meets your requirements. Please contact us.