web-based and open source video wall management

eyevis presents its new, unique and revolutionary professional wall management software. The modular, web-based concept allows for safe operation across different platforms, different operating systems and supports a freely scalable number of users.

World’s first: eyeUNIFY is the only open-source video wall management application available today. eyeUNIFY is fully code transparent, making it the most secure video wall management software on the planet. Additionally it can be adapted to specialist wishes and customer needs.

Made for today and tomorrow: The eyeUNIFY solution covers all standard requirements of modern control room environments. Due to its open-source concept, however, it remains fully open for individualizations and the integration of future developments.

Key Features and Functionalities

The modern and lean architecture of an eyeUNIFY solution runs on a Java application server on Linux, Windows or on MacOS.

Install no more: Any device in the network with an HTML5-capable browser can access eyeUNIFY. Thanks to its responsive, touch-optimized surface, even tablets or smartphones can be used for the wall management of an entire control room without the need to install any additional apps. The software runs via a secure SSL connection, which also enables secure operation via the internet.  Third-party devices such as media controllers can remote control the entire wall.

eyeUNIFY video wall management software runs with either a central EYEVIS NETPIX graphics controller system or with the compact and decentralised EYEVIS IP-VIDEOWALL (EPU system).

For more technical information as well as the on eyeUNIFY software please visit: https://eyeunify.org/

For more information about web-based open source wall management software eyeUNIFY visit https://eyeunify.org/