NetPIX Motion

High-End Graphic Controller for Visual Display Systems



The new netPIX-motionST is a cost-efficient entry-level solution to our famous netPIX product family of high performance video wall controllers for demanding visual display applications. In addition to the control of individual displays and projection devices, the netPIX-motionST can also be used to run smaller to medium-sized video wall systems. Here, its multi-screen-ability provides the possibility to control the outputs individually or combined to a connected desktop. The range of possible sources covers simple image files, documents, video streams, remote capture over standard networks, up to physical real-time 4K inputs. All sources can be freely mixed, scaled and placed according to the requirements of the application. Thus, the new netPIX-motionST now offers all technologies to meet future requirements.

Comprehensive control of any visual display system can be achieved through the combination of the netPIX controller with our enterprise wall management solution eyeUNIFY.

The representation of the right content, at the right time and in the best possible quality, thus facilitates any work, whether in a control room, in a show room, during an event or any other professional video installation.

Why do I need a split controller?

  • To connect larger numbers and different types of input signals to your system (IP, RGB/DVI, Analog, ...).
  • To distribute and display the different input signals to connected displays, projectors and video walls.
  • To create a combined desktop surface on the connected modules of a video wall.
  • To show connected sources in any size and position on the connected displays.

The advantages of THE netPIX-motion controller at a glance:

  • Cost-efficient entry-level controller for the control of displays and video walls in control rooms and presentation areas
  • Latest IT hardware dedicated to the operation of video walls and display systems
  • Hardware platform for video wall management software, e.g. eyeUNIFY
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Windows- and Linux-based versions available
  • Numerous new features, such as cross-fade, fade-in, overlays, alpha-blending and key colouring

netPIX Motion System Overview

Data Sheet

netPIX Motion Data Sheet