netpix 4900 S

Economy-Class Video Wall Controller

Netpix 4900S

Economy-Class controller version for medium-sized and larger control rooms

Product Description

netPIX 4900S is a network based graphic controller for the management of video wall systems, single displays or projectors. Through its MultiScreen-ability any display surfaces can be realised. The controller creates a big joined desktop for network-applications, video and graphic sources. At the heart of the NPX-4900S works the powerful SBC in combination with latest generation backplanes with Switch Fabric. The new controllers from the NPX-4900 series offer an ultra high performance bus, cost-effective INTEL CPUs, 64Bit technology and high bandwidth through a Switch Fabric bus with 192GB/s. These new technologies guarantee the revolutionary and powerful performance of the next generation of the netPIX family in any control room application.

The NPX-4900S controllers provide multiple analog and digital video and graphic connectivity with input cards. Through the new Switch Fabric architecture, video and graphic sources can be displayed simultaneously on the display wall in full frame rates. All analog and digital Video-/RGB-/DVI- and IP Streaming data is transmitted with up to 192 GB/s without any dependencies on the system.

The Advantages of the NPX-4900S Controllers

  • Economically priced split controller solution for display systems and video walls

  • Simplified system architecture

  • Upgradable for future expansions

  • improved performance


The NPX-4900S controllers rely on new SBC (Single Board Computer) technology. This technology is based on Intel® technology and supports 1× i5 processor. This guarantees a high-quality presentation of applications.

  • 1× i5 processor or up to two XEON® processors
  • High-end components for highest availability
  • 8GB DDR3 ECC RAM (expandable up to 32GB, depending on product version)
  • DUAL Gigabit Ethernet

Bus System

The core of the system is the ultra-fast PCIe Switch Fabric with PCIe Generation 3.0 slots and a total bandwidth of 192GB/s for transmitting Windows information, network data, video, digital streams and graphic signals to each output card. This guarantees a very high bandwidth without decreasing frame rates when numerous inputs are displayed simultaneously.


The NPX-4900S controller can be equipped with various input cards for video, RGB/DVI-HDSDI and IP signals. All input signals windows can be moved, scaled and placed freely on the display wall.

  • The input cards provide state-of-the-art video processing resulting in superb quality
  • Huge number of cards per system possible
  • Easy to upgrade for future system expansion
  • Input cards for analog video, RGB/DVI signals, IP video, SDI inputs


The new GPU with 128MB GDDR5 per output channel achieves a never seen graphic performance.

  • Digital outputs up to 2560×1600 pixels and HD format
  • Configurations up to 64 output channels (max. number of outputs depends on product version)
  • Multiple resolution modes for different output resolutions at the same time, for rectangle or none-rectangle display configurations*
  • Live preview support for each source connected with the eyeCON® wall management software
  • Under-lapping mode for narrow bezel displays*
  • Over-lapping mode for edge overlapping projections*
  • Pivot mode for landscape and portrait display*

*) non-standard modes, available on request