eyevis Video Wall controllers

High-End Controllers for Visual Display Systems

Controller Solutions for Display Systems

Graphics controllers are the method of choice for the control and connection of inputs and outputs in large screen systems such as video walls and other digital display installations. These devices provide the necessary connectors for the input signals and the appropriate outputs for the display of the sources on the connected displays.

Hereby, the graphic controller usually generates a combined desktop surface of all display modules in a video wall so that the user has one large desktop for the display of various sources and windows in any size, anywhere on the wall.

Netpix Series

netPIX - Latest Generation Video Wall Controllers

eyevis' graphics controllers from the netPIX Series are especially designed for the sophisticated control of video wall systems in control rooms. The controllers from the Netpix Series are customised devices according to the requirements of the system in hand. The customer may choose from a range of input cards providing connectivity for almost any signal type. The number of input cards and output cards can be raised by placing them in expansions chassis to the controller. With special IP decoding input cards or software-based decoding  it is even possible to connect IP video streams directly to the controller system without the need for separate decoder devices for the streams.

netPIX controllers use only high quality server components in order to guarantee their cutting-edge performance and reliability for 24/7 operation. Even better reliability can be achieved with the redundant versions of the controllers.

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EYE-4-SPLIT Video Wall Controller

The eyevis EYE-4-SPLIT is a stand-alone display wall controller that accepts a standard single or dual-link DVI input and can flexibly display this across up to four output monitors.

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