Flexible Image Processing for Multi-Channel Display Systems


Image Corrections for optimal results on large screen systems

With the help of the second generation of our professional eyevis technology for warping, blending and colour-correcting any visual content can be projected in various ways on all surfaces. It does not matter whether the area projected on is flat, bent or even wavy – the projection will be perfect and absolutely sharp as if the surface was flat. The system corrects the projection for a perfect picture in high resolution and in real time.

The extremely quick image processing of openWARP2 is predestinated for the usage in delicate, high quality and time-critical simulation systems. A completely new and revised system architecture and an even more efficient Warp-Core technology allow the highest image correction. It is absolutely unproblematic to include it in any existing installation of that kind. Comprehensive methods of color- and brightness-correction, color-shading, alpha masks pixel blending complement this system and make it the perfect tool in order to realise multi-channel-projections.

openWARP2 is the only device on the market which allows uploading and realising geometrical corrections inside of the frame in real-time. This makes the built-up of powerful, effective and interactive simulations with tracking systems possible.

It is now possible to get a reasonable system for multi-media presentations, video application and Virtual Reality – the possibilities are endless, thanks to openWARP2.

Technical Specifications

Product Type: openWARP-2 Single Channel DVI Warping and Blending Unit
Input / Output: single-Link DVI-D for Resolutions up to WUXGA (1920x1200@60Hz) or 2k (2048x1080@60Hz)
Resolution Detection: Resolution pass-through Technology (automatic resolution configuration)
Bandwidth: max: 165MHz pixel clock
Communication: USB-RS232 to control PC or RS232 / LAN with additional communication board
Latency: Low latency (less than ¼ frame)
Colour Corrections: Gamma correction, colour transformation and Colour shading
Blending & Masking: Unrestricted blending and alpha-masking
Geometry Correction: High precision geometry correction (2 times 5th order polynomial)
Processing Advanced filter kernel for high quality image processing
Warping: Interactive and real-time image warping
Weight: 1.25 kgs
Dimensions: 25.4 x 21.0 x 7.0 cm (LxWxH)

Datasheet openWARP2

Datasheet openWARP2

Datasheet openWARP2-LC

Datasheet openWARP2-LC