eyevis omniSHAPES

Versatile LED-lit Rear-Projection Units

eyevis omniSHAPES

It's Time for New Shapes !

eyevis omniSHAPES –
small displays with great possibilities.

It's simply astonishing what kind of potential we can expect from these versatile small display miracles.

Surprisingly small but superior in their flexible use! Surprisingly small but superior in their flexible use!

With the new omniSHAPES display system eyevis has developed a new visual display solution capable of realising video wall installations of the most versatile shapes. eyevis omniSHAPES are rear projection display modules which, thanks to their small size and their capability to combine into virtually unlimited video wall shapes are ideally suited for creating projection surfaces in almost infinite configurations.

They work both as a stand-alone unit but also combined together in larger display walls since every module has its own internal signal processing unit for the perfect geometrical adjustment of the input image to the displayed part. The projected images are - thanks to eyevis LED technology - pin sharp and in perfect, impressively bright colour quality. Furthermore, they are ideally suited for any colour temperature. Since the latest eyevis LED technology offers lasting true colours and extended colour adjustment options. The newly developed multi-cube colour brightness adjustment option allows fully automatic adjustment and balancing of all cubes in a connected video wall. This means there is no longer any need for manual readjustments.

The modular concept of omniSHAPES from the three main building blocks - projection screen, base frame and projector - provides great advantages. For example, AV-suppliers only need to have a certain number of projectors in stock, which can then be fitted out and supplied from a larger choice of base frames and projection screens in different shapes. The maintenance of the unit is possible both from the front and from the back. Furthermore, for maintenance and repairs which cannot be done on site it is now usually enough to replace the projector unit only, instead of having to dismantle the entire system. Simple assembly, operation and maintenance are the obvious advantages as well as the long service life expectation and high operational safety due to the use of high quality components. Convincing, leading edge technology - that is what eyevis is known for.

A good idea which has come to fruition makes everything possible.
eyevis omniSHAPES: Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious!

Wide range of models to a great effect

The high practical value of eyevis omniSHAPES - and that is the real innovation - comes from the many different sizes and shapes in which the omniSHAPES are available. Whether in the classic format of 4:3, honeycomb shape or in other desired shape - they are ideally suited for use in advertising, events and information.

This design concept means omniSHAPES are predestined for the installation of different project surfaces, sizes and forms. Even curved or bent walls are feasible without problems. And due to the small dimension of the individual displays, they can be used in almost any room - unlimited options for limited spaces with a surprising effect ... because simply rectangular was yesterday!

Clear solutions for demanding applications

eyevis omniSHAPES are so versatile that they can always offer the right configuration, no matter in what size or shape and for what kind of occasion - they are always the main attraction during any show. The high variability of the omniSHAPES also allows for a range of special shapes for particularly demanding purposes. This allows you to realise original and unexpected presentation concepts with the best possible performance. Self-supporting or suspended superstructures can be fitted without the need for additional material since the screw fittings between the shapes are sufficient. Concave, straight or convex arrangements of the omniSHAPES are possible due to the funnel-like assembly of the base frame and the variability of the shapes ... there are practically no limits to your creativity!

Product Information

eyevis omniSHAPES - the technology.

  • Display sizes /shapes: 4:3 corresponds to 480 mm x 360 mm. Available shapes: rectangular shapes, six sided shapes, five sided shapes, and customised shapes on request
  • Depth of the entire unit: less than 400 mm (preliminary information)
  • Resolution: depending on display shape, 4:3 corresponds to 1024 x 768 Pixel
  • Weight: no information possible at this point in time
  • Input: DVI Single Link up to 2k resolution
  • Internal split processor
  • DVI Loop Through function
  • Stand Alone concept: no external processor unit is necessary due to the internal signal processing
  • Modular architecture: Projector unit is independent and can be seperated autonomously from the disc unit and the base frame
  • Stackable frame concept with integrated air ducts
  • Flexible installation options: standing, lying or suspended (suspended from above) without special assembly systems
  • LED powered: more than 50.000 hours durability, no projector lamps, no colour wheel
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