eyevis TRP Cube

Cubes with lowest power consumption and entry-level pricing

eyevis TRP Cube

Compact design for housing and projection-engine


World's first DLP® Rear-Projection Cubes based on TI's TRP Pixel Architecture

The cubes from eyevis’ new TRP series are the world’s first DLP® rear-projection cubes based on Tilt&Roll Pixel architecture. Compared to other chips of the same resolution, the TRP design provides higher brightness with lower power consumption.

Thanks to the TRP chip design, we were able to develop a rear-projection cube with a highly efficient brightness to power consumption ratio. Providing sufficient brightness for most cube application with a power consumption of less than 70 Watt sets a real mile-stone in the history of DLP-based rear-projection cube.

At the same time, the compact architecture of the light engine gave us the possibility to simplify the design to a real cube-shaped housing which eases setup and contributes to the entry-level price of the cubes from the new series.

TRP uses an optimized approach to tilt the individual micro-mirrors on the DMD chip, which allows smaller and more efficient designs of the projection engines, still maintaining the proven quality, long-term 24/7 reliability and all other well-known advantages of DLP based systems.

The Advantages at a Glance

  • DLP® TRP Pixel-Architecture
    TRP (Tilt & Roll Pixel) is an innovative pixel architecture based on proven Texas Instruments DLP projection technology. TRP uses an optimized approach to tilt the individual micro-mirrors on the DMD chip, which allows smaller and more efficient designs of the projection engines
  • Very low power consumption (typ. 63W / max. 98 W)
  • Engine in „Single-Module-Design“ (no loose components inside the housing)
    All electric, optical and electronic components as well as the cooling system are integrated completely into a closed projection unit -> Fast replacement of the entire engine = very service-friendly (short MTTR).
  • Heatpipe Cooling System
    eyevis TRP cubes rely on our heatpipe cooling system which requires absolutely no service and contains no toxic liquids.
  • Pixel-Accurate Display (NO Warping, high image quality)
  • Mechanical robust and self-supporting (no building-kit)
  • „Real“ Cube housing (no step-shape, simple installation)
  • Low, entry-level Price
  • Made in Germany

TechniCal Specifications Of our TRP Cube Series

(Please download the datasheet in the "Downloads" tab for the complete technical specifications)

Description: 50” DLP® rear-projection cube based on TI’s TRP pixel architecture 60” DLP® rear-projection cube based on TI’s TRP pixel architecture
Resolution: 1920 × 1080 Pixel (Full HD / 16:9)
Processing: 1080p / TRP-DMD
(with WVF Screen)
Full Brightness Mode*: 550 cd/m2 (max.)
Normal Operation Mode*: 420 cd/m2 (typ.)
Full Brightness Mode: 420 cd/m2 (max.)
Normal Operation Mode: 300 cd/m2 (typ.)
Contrast: Up to 10.000:1 (Active LED Control)
Brightness Uniformity: ≥95% (SUR25)
Display Area (W×H): 1107 × 622.6 mm (ca. 50 inch/ ca. 127 cm screen diagonal) 1328,2 × 747 mm (ca. 60 inch/ ca. 152 cm screen diagonal)
Dimensions (W×H×D): 1107 × 622.6 × 714 mm 1328,2 × 747 × 790mm
Weight: 47 Kg 59 Kg
Inputs: Signal: 1× DVI  |   Communication: RS232 (in and out for daisy chain), 1× LAN
Supported Frame Rates: 48 to 64 Hz
Colour Control: Automatic colour adjustment, internal colour sensor
Projection Screen: Standard: WVF Screen (Wide View FEL Screen)
Screen Gap: ≤ 0,3 mm
Power Consumption*: Full Brightness Mode*: 98 W (max.)  |  Normal Operation Mode*: 63 W (typ.)
LED Lifetime: >60,000 hrs under normal environmental conditions / L70B50 manufacturer information)
(75,000 - 90,000 hrs in ‘Low Power Operation Mode’, i.e. additional 15,000 to 30,000 hrs depending on the amount of power reduction)

*) Full Brightness Mode -> full LED brightness with calibrated colours / Normal Operation Mode -> approx. 70% of LED brightness with calibrated colours


EC-LHD-TRP (50-/60-inch DLP® TRP Cube / Full-HD)

Datasheet EC-LHD-TRP

50-/60-inch EC-LHD-TRP (incl. Standard Basement)
50-inch 60-inch

Drawing EC-50-LHD-TRP Drawing EC-60-LHD-TRP