Slim design rear-projection cubes for space-saving installations


Slim design rear-projection cubes for space-saving installations

ec-SLIM Series


Latest DLP®-Technology with LED-lit projection for space-saving applications in control rooms, TV studios or presentation areas.

Through their small depth (from 432mm) the slim-cubes can be applied in areas in which rear-projection cubes have not been suitable so far, due to a lack of space. All electric, optic and electronic components such as the cooling system are completely integrated into the unit. They have a robust, self-supporting housing as well as the eyevis-typical “seamless” screen mounting in order to realise large video walls with smallest bezels.

Through the front and rear access the projection unit can be inserted into and removed from the housing as a whole. The easy-handling-concept allows for quick assembly and reduces down-times during maintenance. Projection-unit and cube housing can be installed independently from each other. During maintenance, projector-units can be removed from the cubes and be replaced by a substitute-unit.

The Advantages at a Glance

Minimal Space Requirement

  • Reduced depth of only 432mm (50"/Full HD), 487 mm (60"/Full HD) & 553 mm (70"/Full HD)
  • Robust, self-supporting housing: further space saving, since no extra support structures are needed.
  • Housings can be hanged directly on the wall
  • No space required for service works behind the video wall thanks to front maintenance accessibility


  • Durable and constant picture quality on all Cubes
  • Modular, highly available display concept for 24/7 operation
  • Low service and maintenance costs

EASY-handling Concept

  • Projection unit in single-module design
  • Fast installation and maintenance: the projection unit can be installed or dismantled to the front or the rear side within a few simple steps
  • „Seamless" screen bracket with discrete screen clamp technology
  • Motorised geometry adjustment of the projection unit

Availability and Reliability

  • Extremely long lifetime of the LED illumination
  • High-quality components for reliable operation
  • Highly efficient maintenance-free heat pipe cooling

Technical Specifications

Screen Diagonal: 50 inch (ca. 127 cm) 60 inch (ca. 152 cm) 70 inch (ca. 177cm)
Resolution: 1920 × 1080 Pixel 1920 × 1080 Pixel 1920 × 1080 Pixel
Active Screen: 1107 × 622 mm 1328 × 747 mm 1550 × 872 mm
Brightness: 370 cd/m2 (max.) / 300 cd/m2 (typ.) 260 cd/m2 (max.) / 210 cd/m2 (typ.) 190 cd/m2 (max.) / 155 cd/m2 (typ.)
Contrast: up to 10,000:1 (Active LED Control) up to 10,000:1 (Active LED Control) up to 10,000:1 (Active LED Control)
Stereoscopic 3D: Yes (120Hz Active Stereo) Yes (120Hz Active Stereo) Yes (120Hz Active Stereo)
Power Consumption: 130 W (typ.) / 155 W (max.) 130 W (typ.) / 155 W (max.) 130 W (typ.) / 155 W (max.)
Housing Depth:
(including Screen Element)
432 mm 487 mm 553 mm

*measured with ISE-Screen. Please download the datasheet for the complete technical specifications.


EC-LHD-SLIM (50-/60-/70-inch Slim-Cube / Full-HD)

Datasheet EC-LHD-SLIM

EC-LHD-SLIM (50-/60-/70-inch Slim-Cube / Full-HD)

Drawing EC-50-LHD-SLIM Drawing EC-60-LHD-SLIM Drawing EC-70-LHD-SLIM

User Manual
User Manual EC-LED-SLIM (English)
ecCUBE Brochure English ecCUBE Brochure Spanish