High Brightness WUXGA Cubes


High Brightness LED DLP® Cubes With WUXGA Resolution (1920 × 1200 Pixel)

The devices from eyevis‘ latest EC-LWXT-2004 Series are modular rear-projection cubes with screen diagonals of 56 inch (ca. 142 cm)  and 70 inch (ca. 177 cm) and WUXGA resolution (1920 × 1200 Pixel) and high brightness LED illumination.

The new cubes from our 2004 series represent the cutting edge of technology in the fields of LED-lit rear-projection cubes. The enhanced brightness levels of the cubes open a wide range of new possibilities for the devices, as well as numerous advantages for existing fields of application.

The integrated Automatic Colour Tracking (ACT) guarantees a uniform representation of brightness and colours over all cubes in a video wall. The automated tool constantly measures colours and brightness through internal sensors and readjusts all projectors to common values to achieve uniform image display in  multi-cube applications.

In order to reduce the number of parts inside the devices, we simplified the product design  for  the 2004 series through the integration of all  interior components in a single-module housing. The proven characteristics of the high-quality eyevis DLP cubes regarding image quality, brightness, mechanical robustness and thin bezel were also retained in the EC-2004 series.

The new cubes come with stackable housing which enables the installation of video walls without additional  mounting structures. The modular design of the cubes thereby allows for a fast and uncomplicated setup.

Outstanding Image Quality
  • Durable and constant picture quality on all cubes
  • Modular, highly available display concept for 24/7 operation
  • Low service and maintenance costs
Integrated optimising options
  • Perfect system adjustment with eyeDESIGN Setup software
  • Fast and easy parameter setting
  • Integrated Multi-Cube Auto-Colour-Tracking (ACT)
Long-Life-Time Concept
  • Durable and constant picture quality on all cubes
  • Modular, highly available display concept for 24/7 operation
  • Low service and maintenance costs
Precision screen concept
  • Different screen options available to suit any requirements
  • Minimum gaps between cubes thanks to clipping method
  • Very easy and fast installation
Availability and Reliability
  • Extremely long lifetime of the LED lights
  • Qualitative high value components
  • Highly efficient maintenance-free heatpipe cooling
  • Special operating mode for compensation of defective LED modules
  • Image information is retained even with one or two defective LEDs
  • Colour exchange according to the customer‘s desired picture content

Technical Specification
Series: EC-LWXT-2004
Screen Diagonal: 56 Inch (142 cm) 70 Inch (177 cm)
Type: EC-56-LWXT-2004 EC-70-LWXT-2004
Description: Digital DLP®-rear-projection unit with Cluster-LED illumination for data and video representation. Prepared for operation with optional input box for extended input options and internal matrix scaler.
Resolution: 1,920 × 1,200 Pixel (WUXGA / 16:10)
Frame Rates: 48 to 64 Hz
Brightnesst* in cd/m2:

HB Screen:
1270 / 1090 / 850

ISE Screen:
515 / 435 / 345

WVF Screen:
735 / 620 / 485

HB Screen:
980 / 755 / 595

ISE Screen:
355 / 275 / 220

WVF Screen:
510 / 400 / 310

Contrast: 1500:1  (typ. / static contrast) / up to 10.000:1 (active LED control)
Brightness Uniformity: ≥95% (SUR25) ≥95% (SUR25)

1× DVI-D (Optional with inputbox -> In: Video, Y/C, DVI-I (digital/analogue), HDMI, DisplayPort, RS232 / Out: DisplayPort [Loop-through for signals up to 4K@30Hz] RS232)

Projection Screen: Standard screen: Improved Screen Element (ISE-Screen) or Wide View FEL Screen (WVF) / other screens on request (e.g. CrossPrism Screen, BlackBead Screen)
Half-Gain Angle: ISE Screen -> H: 36° / V: 34° | WVF Screen -> H: 38° / V: 21°
Median LED Lifetime: ≥60,000 hrs (under normal environmental conditions on 60% brightness) / (≥80,000h based on 50% brightness / ≥100,000h on 30% brightness; i.e. additional 15,000 to 40,000 hrs depending on the amount of power reduction / L70B50 manufacturer information)
Colour Management: Internal ACT - Auto-Colour Tracking, automatic adjustment/alignment of brightness and colours for all projectors in a video wall
Software: eyeDESIGN Software
Image Size (W×H): 1209.5×756 mm (~56“/~142cm) 1519.8 × 950 mm (~70“/~177cm)
Dimensions (W×H×D): 1209.5 × 968 × 743 mm 1519.8 × 1190 × 800 mm
Screen Gap: 0.3 mm 0.3 mm
Weight: ca. 80 kg ca. 105 kg
Ingress Protection: IP 50 IP 50
Power Consumption*: 375 W (max.) / 250 W (typ.) / 185 W (ECO)
Input Voltage: 100V – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Temperature: 10-40° C / Recommended 15 - 25 °C / for seamless screens: 18 - 25 °C / Storage: 0 - 50 °C
Humidity: 0% - 80 % not condensing
Altitude: 0 - 3000 m
Noise Level: ≤ 36 dB
Heat Dissipation: 1280 BTU/h @Full Brightness | 853 BTU/h @Normal Operation | 631 BTU/h @Eco Mode
  • Different screen versions to suit the requirements of different fields of application (viewing angles, brightness uniformity, etc.)
  • Inputbox with inputs for Video, Y/C, DVI-I (digital/analogue), HDMI, DisplayPort, RS232 / Outputs for DisplayPort, RS232 / internal Matrix-Scaler up to 10 × 10
  • Service and Maintenance Contracts
  • Different Basement Options: Standard Basement, Basements on Wheels, Basements on Rails, Anti-Vibration Basements

* Full Brightness Mode -> full LED brightness with calibrated colours / Normal Operation Mode -> approx. 70% of LED brightness with calibrated colours


EC-LWXT-2004 (56/70 Inch / Full-HD) 

Datenblatt EC-LHD-2004

Datasheet EC-LWXT-2004

EC-LWXT-2004 (56/70 inch / WUXGA)
56" 70"

Drawing EC-56-LWXT-2004

Drawing EC-70-LWXT-2004