70 Zoll WQXGA LED Cube


70-inch LED DLP® Cube with WQXGA Resolution (2560 × 1600 Pixel)

eyevis’ EC-70-LWQX-1004 is a modular rear-projection cube with a screen diagonal of 70 inch (ca. 177 cm) and WQXGA resolution (2560 × 1600 pixels).

With the new 1004 series eyevis presents its latest development in the fields of LED-lit rear-projection cubes. In order to reduce the number of parts inside the devices, we simplified the product design through the integration of all  interior components in a single-module housing.

During the simplification of the product design all high-quality features of the eyevis DLP cubes remained untouched. These include the robustness, the long-term stability, the seamless monitor mounting and the flexible modularity.

The proven characteristics of the high-quality eyevis DLP cubes regarding image quality, brightness, mechanical robustness and thin bezel were also retained in the new EC-1004 series. The new cubes come with stackable housing which enables the installation of video walls without additional  mounting structures. The modular design of the cubes thereby allows for a fast and uncomplicated setup. Furthermore, the new EC-1004 series is equipped with our innovative “seamless” screen mounting with Discrete Screen Clamp technology in order to be able to realize video walls with smallest gaps between the screen.

The cubes from the EC-1004 Series are also available with XGA, SXGA+, Full-HD, WUXGA and WQXGA resolution.

Innovative Components

Heat pipe Cooling System

The EC-1004 Series continues to rely on our innovative heat pipe cooling system, which has proven its reliable and highly effective function in thousands of cubes in diverse operating conditions. In addition to that, our heat pipes require absolutely no servicing and contain no toxic liquids.


Projection Unit in Single-Module Design

All electric, optical and electronic components as well as the cooling system are integrated completely into a closed projection unit including a network interface and colour control (ACT-internal). This unit can be inserted into or removed from the cube housing in a few simple steps. This speeds the setup and reduces the downtime during maintenance.



  • Different screen versions to suit the requirements of different fields of application (viewing angles, brightness uniformity, etc.)
  • ACT - Auto-Colour Tracking, auto-adjustment of brightness and colours for each display according to the adjusted values
  • Service and Maintenance Contracts
  • Different Basement Options: Standard Basement, Basements on Wheels, Basements on Rails, Anti-Vibration Basements

Technical Specification

Screen Diagonal: 70 inch (ca. 177 cm)
Resolution: 2560 × 1600 Pixel
Active Screen: 1519.8 × 952 mm
Brightness in cd/qm*: 186 (max.) / 155 (typ.)
Contrast: up to 10,000:1 (Active LED Control)
Power Consumption: 185 W (typ.) / 270 W (max.)
Dimensions (W×H×D): 1519.8 × 1189 × 865 mm
*measured with CrossPrism-Screen


EC-70-LWQX-1004 (70 Zoll / WQXGA)

Datasheet EC-70-LWQX-1004

User Manual

User Manual EC-LWQX-1004