LED-lit DLP® Rear-Projection Cubes with WUXGA Resolution


LED-Lit DLP® Cubes with WUXGA Resolution (1920 × 1200 Pixel)

The LED-lit DLP® rear-projection cubes from eyevis EC-LWXT-1000 series provide native SXGA+ resolution (1920×1200 pixels) in 16by10 aspect ratio and are available with screen diagonals of 56- and 70-inch.

The cubes from the EC-LWXT-1000 series use innovative Cluster-LED technology for illumination. The devices represent are the result of a revolutionary development by eyevis and are manufactured in Germany. They are especially designed for applications which require a reliable 24/7 operation.

The EC-1000 Series features Cluster-LEDs, where the active LED surface is divided into several sections. Besides higher light output this also guarantees that in the event of a failure of a single LED section, the image is preserved in almost its entire condition (redundancy).

Thanks to 120Hz technology our cubes from the EC-1000 series are even capable of displaying three-dimensional images using the active stereoscopic approach with active shutter glasses. Display modes can easily be switched between 2D and 3D image representation.

Of course, all optional features that make our rear-projection units so flexible to use are also available for the EC-1000 Series. This includes the various available screens, different basement options, optimisation features for installations in broadcast areas, or the automatic colour/brightness adjustment system for cube walls (ACT).

Features & Options

Eco-friendly concept:

  • Mercury-free illumination
  • Production certified to ISO 14001
  • Extraordinary long operating time
  • Low power consumption, no waste of resources
  • No additional environmental load through wear parts
  • Cooling system without toxic liquids


  • Special operation mode to compensate defect LED modules
  • Displayed information remains visible even with one or two defective LEDs
  • Colour replacement can be defined according to the customers image content


In order to make our cubes fit any customer's requirement we offer a range of optional components and features. This guarantees a perfect image quality and a reliable operation even in the most demanding applications.

  • Different screen versions to suit the requirements of different fields of application (viewing angles, brightness uniformity, etc.)
  • Scaler Board (internal split controller up to 10×10 Matrix, with 2× DVI, 2× RGB, 2× Video)
  • ACT - Auto-Colour Tracking, auto-adjustment of brightness and colours for each display according to the adjusted values
  • Stereoscopic 3D display with 120Hz active stereo
  • EYE-MSP - Matrix-Shading-Processor integrated in cube
  • EYE-MDP - Matrix and Delay Processor integrated in cube
  • EYE-SCP - Shading and Colour Processor integrated in cube
  • EC-MAS - Motorised geometry adjustment via IR remote control or PS2
  • Network Board
  • Service and Maintenance Contracts
  • Different Basement Options: Standard Basement, Basements on Wheels, Basements on Rails, Anti-Vibration Basements

If your installation requires specially customised developments or solutions, eyevis is your partner. There is hardly a requirement for which our experienced engineers cannot find a solution.

Technical Specifications

EC-56-LWXT-1000 EC-70-LWXT-1000
Screen Diagonal: 56 inch (ca. 142 cm) 70 inch (ca. 177 cm)
Resolution: 1920×1200 Pixel 1920×1200 Pixel
Active Screen Area: 1209,5 × 756 mm 1519,8 × 950 mm
Brightness in cd/sqm:* 540 (max.) / 464 (typ.) 340 (max.) / 292 (typ.)
Contrast: up to 10,000:1 (Active LED Control) up to 10,000:1 (Active LED Control)
Power Consumption: 200 (typ.) / 295 (max.) 200 (typ.) / 295 (max.)
Dimensions (W×H×D): 1209.5×968×743 mm 1519.8×1190×800 mm
Stereoscopic 3D: Yes (120Hz active stereo) Yes (120Hz active stereo)
*Brightness measured with mounted CrossPrism rear-projection screen


EC-LWXT-1000 (56-/70-inch / WUXGA)

Datasheet EC-56-LWXT-1000

EC-LWXT-1000 (56-/70-inch / WUXGA)
56" 70"

Drawing EC-56-LWXT-1000 Drawing EC-70-LWXT-1000

User Manual
User Manual EC-1000 Series