LED-lit DLP® Rear-Projection Cubes with SXGA+ Resolution


LED-Lit DLP® Cubes with SXGA+ Resolution (1400 × 1050 Pixel)

The LED-lit DLP® rear-projection cubes from eyevis EC-LSXT+-1000 series provide native SXGA+ resolution (1400×1050 pixels) in 4by3 aspect ratio and are available with screen diagonals of 50-, 70-, 80-, and 100-inch (67-inch version available on request).

The cubes from the EC-LSXT+-1000 series use innovative Cluster-LED technology for illumination. The devices represent are the result of a revolutionary development by eyevis and are manufactured in Germany. They are especially designed for applications which require a reliable 24/7 operation.

The EC-1000 Series features Cluster-LEDs, where the active LED surface is divided into several sections. Besides higher light output this also guarantees that in the event of a failure of a single LED section, the image is preserved in almost its entire condition (redundancy).

Of course, all optional features that make our rear-projection units so flexible to use are also available for the EC-1000 Series. This includes the various available screens, different basement options, optimisation features for installations in broadcast areas, or the automatic colour/brightness adjustment system for cube walls (ACT).

Features & Options

Eco-friendly concept:

  • Mercury-free illumination
  • Production certified to ISO 14001
  • Extraordinary long operating time
  • Low power consumption, no waste of resources
  • No additional environmental load through wear parts
  • Cooling system without toxic liquids


  • Special operation mode to compensate defect LED modules
  • Displayed information remains visible even with one or two defective LEDs
  • Colour replacement can be defined according to the customers image content


In order to make our cubes fit any customer's requirement we offer a range of optional components and features. This guarantees a perfect image quality and a reliable operation even in the most demanding applications.

  • Different screen versions to suit the requirements of different fields of application (viewing angles, brightness uniformity, etc.)
  • Scaler Board (internal split controller up to 10×10 Matrix, with 2× DVI, 2× RGB, 2× Video)
  • ACT - Auto-Colour Tracking, auto-adjustment of brightness and colours for each display according to the adjusted values
  • EYE-MSP - Matrix-Shading-Processor integrated in cube
  • EYE-MDP - Matrix and Delay Processor integrated in cube
  • EYE-SCP - Shading and Colour Processor integrated in cube
  • EC-MAS - Motorised geometry adjustment via IR remote control or PS2
  • Network Board
  • Service and Maintenance Contracts
  • Different Basement Options: Standard Basement, Basements on Wheels, Basements on Rails, Anti-Vibration Basements

If your installation requires specially customised developments or solutions, eyevis is your partner. There is hardly a requirement for which our experienced engineers cannot find a solution.

Technical Specifications

EC-50- LSXT+-1000 EC-70- LSXT+-1000 EC-80- LSXT+-1000 EC-100- LSXT+-1000
Screen Diagonal: 50 inch (ca. 127 cm) 70 inch (ca. 177cm) 80 inch (ca. 203 cm) 100 inch (ca. 254 cm)
Resolution: 1400×1050 Pixel 1400×1050 Pixel 1400×1050 Pixel 1400×1050 Pixel
Active Screen Area: 1000×750 mm 1400×1050 mm 1600×1200 mm 2000×1500 mm
Brightness in cd/sqm:* 580 (max.) / 498 (typ.) 300 (max.) / 258 (typ.) 225 (max.) / 193 (typ.) 125 (max.) / 107 (typ.)
Contrast: up to 10.000:1/(Active LED Control) up to 10.000:1/(Active LED Control) up to 10.000:1/(Active LED Control) up to 10.000:1/(Active LED Control)
Power Consumption: 160 W (typ.) / 235 W (max.) 160 W (typ.) / 235 W (max.) 160 W (typ.) / 235 W (max.) 160 W (typ.) / 235 W (max.)
Dimensions (W×H×D): 1000×980×620 mm 1400×1270×750 mm 1600×1480×1000 mm 2000×1628×135 mm
*Brightness measured with mounted CrossPrism rear-projection screen


Datasheets EC-LSXT+-1000 (50/70/80/100-inch / SXGA+)

Datasheet EC-50/70/80/100-LSXT+-1000

Drawings EC-LSXT+-1000 (50/70/80/100-inch / SXGA+)

Drawing EC-50-LSXT+-1000

Drawing EC-70-LSXT+-1000 Drawing EC-80-LSXT+-1000 Drawing EC-100-LSXT+-1000


User Manual

User Manual EC-1000 Series