High Brightness LED Module with 2.5 mm Pixel Pitch for Information Systems


With the newly developed LED module EYE-LED-MODULE-BOARD-O-2.5, eyevis presents an innovative type of LED display technology especially designed for applications in passenger information systems at airports, railway stations, and other passenger hubs. The modules are fully outdoor-capable and enable a high density of information thanks to the high pixel resolution of the modules.

The outstanding brightness of the modules of 2500 or 6000 cd/m2 allows best recognition and readability of displayed information even in difficult ambient light conditions like in direct sunlight exposed places.

Compared with other display technologies, eyevis’ new LED modules offer wider viewing angles and longer lifetime.

The advantages

  • The 20×20cm modules can be arranged to seamless display surfaces of any size
  • High brightness for best readability of the displayed information
  • High resolution, fine pixel pitch
  • Best viewing angles
  • Brilliant representation of colours with images and moving video content
  • Fully outdoor-capable
  • Available as display modules only or with customised housings as ready-to-use solution

Technical Specifications

Pixel Pitch 2.5 mm
Module Size (W×H×D) 200 x 200 x 14.9 mm
Weight / Module 0.6 kg
Weight / m² 15 kg
Brithness eye-LED-MODULE-BOARD-O-W (White Face LED): calibrated: 6000 cd/m²; uncalibrated: >7000 cd/m²
eye-LED-MODULE-BOARD-O-B (Black Face LED): calibrated: 2500 cd/m²; uncalibrated: >2700 cd/m²
Pixel Density / Module 6400 px (80×80)
Pixel Density / m² 160000 px
Viewing Angle H: 120° / V: 110°
Power Consumption / Module max. 35W; typ. 19W
Power Consumption / m² typ. max. 1000W; 550W
Lifetime 100,000 hrs
Input Voltage 100 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz
Operating Conditions -20 to +45 °C (ambient temperature, display of full white at max. brightness) 10 to 90 % RH
Ingress Protection IP65 rated
Processing 14 Bit/Colour
Display Refresh Rate 1920 Hz (at maximum bit depth)
Input Signal 50/60 Hz


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