High-quality LED modules

Made in Germany

EYE-LED Series

High-quality LED modules with a pixel pitch of only 1.5 , 2.0 and 2.5 mm


High-quality LED modules with a pixel pitch of only 1.5 , 2.0 and 2.5 mm

eyeLED – seamless, sharp and bright

Demanding large screen solutions in indoor installations at passenger hubs, airport terminals, in arenas, show rooms or conference areas require a display solution of the highest quality. Especially in environments with bright ambient light conditions a bright display with high light output is a key criterion for an appropriate representation of detailed image contents.

With the new LED modules from the eyeLED series eyevis presents LED technology in never before seen sharpness. Thanks to minimal pixel pitch the viewer – even from a very close position – experiences an overwhelmingly sharp image. This effect is further enhanced by impressive brightness and lack of any disturbing bezels. The new LED modules with pixel pitches of 2.5 mm and below are optimally suited for studio backgrounds, live shows and events, which by means of this state-of-the art LED-Technology reach a new level of eye-catching attractiveness.

The high quality and accuracy of workmanship decisively distinguishes eyevis LED modules from competitive products. Our sophisticated knowledge of large screen technologies, signal processing and control, and the precise mechanics result in a cutting-edge product in the fields of high definition LED video walls.

eyevis offers only components of the highest quality. So the advantages for our customers are obvious: Besides a high pixel density our LED modules convince with low costs for operation and maintenance, a long life-time and highest reliability, brilliant colours, precise light control and high brightness. An additional benefit is the comfortable handling of this modular system which offers flexible possibilities in use.

Precise mechanical engineering

A highly precise mechanical concept is required for a trouble-free and smooth installation and adjustment of the individual LED modules in a video wall. eyevis answers this requirement with its elaborate design and engineering of the modules from the eyeLED series. Accurately produced mechanics made in Germany guarantee an ease of installation and stable construction of our products. This results in an unparalleled final appearance of the video wall with absolutely no visible gaps between the individual modules. The well-thought-out concept of the chassis even allows to set up the modules in curved arrangements both convex and concave, even flying installations can be realised with the special rental versions without extensive structures behind them.

As all eyevis products, the eyeLED modules are easy to service. Both front and rear access to dismantle the LED boards from the individual chassis is possible. This enables simple service works and short downtimes of the system for service works and maintenance. To provide a clean appearance even on the back side of the modules, eyevis LED modules provide an internal cable channel for the interconnection of the individual modules.

Sophisticated product design

Our comprehensive know-how in the installation of video walls, especially with unconventional screen configurations, results in an exclusively versatile design of our new LED modules. The construction of the housing allows building up plane video walls without further efforts but also convex and concave curved arrangements can be realised. Here we provide special mounting parts that enable a very precise and stable installation without
the requirement for further mounting structures.

The service-friendly design of the modules further enables access to the electronic components from the rear or the front side of the video wall. Individual LED boards or modules can be replaced without the requirement to disassemble the entire video wall.

Proven EMC-compatibility

The electromagnetic emissions of the modules of the eyeLED series do not exceed any limitations required by law and supervised by the Federal Network Agency. Hence, the eyeLED series already meets the demands of tomorrow. Already at the design of the modules and the choice of components, we placed much importance on their electromagnetic compliance. We can thus achieve EMC compatibility not only for the individual module, but also for the whole video wall installation built up of numerous modules.

eyeDesing Software – intuitive planning and operation of eyevis display devices

The eyeDesign Software is a versatile tool for the planning, configuration, control and service of installations with compatible eyevis display products. Different display technologies (e.g. eyeLED modules, omniSHAPES and squareTILES) can easily and freely be arranged in a possible layout. The software is also used to arrange the content sources on the connected display modules including a preview of the final appearance of the images on the video wall. For planners the software can generate a list of components and provides precise measurements of the installation. For adjustment purposes it is also possible to display individual colours without the need for a separate signal source.

  • Outstanding LED quality
    The Light emitting diodes used for eyevis eyeLED series were selected for their superior quality, highest reliability and long-term stable operation.
  • High definition pixel pitch
    The minor pixel pitch of 2.5, 2.0 or 1.5 mm of our LED modules allows pin-sharp image quality even from short viewing distances.
  • Lifetime
    The high quality of the selected light emitting diodes ensures a long-term trouble-free operation with a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours.
  • Superior Brightness
    High brightness is required to provide perfect image quality in bright environments. Adjustable colour temperatures further enable the operation in TV studios.
  • Dynamic content
    The high refresh rates of the modules result in a perfect representation of video graphics, especially with dynamic content.
  • Internal image processing
    With eyevis LED modules there is no requirement for external image processors or matrix controllers. All required processing is integrated in the device.
  • Minimum colour-shift
    eyevis LED modules offer a huge viewing angle with a minimum divergence in colour appearance. This ensures stable image quality regardless of the viewer’s position.
  • Eco-friendly concept
    Highly efficient components result in a low power consumption of our LED modules which saves energy and costs during operation.
  • Service & support
    A range of service level agreements and the supply of original spare parts a core elements of our expert service strategy.
  • Factory colour calibration
    Colours and brightness of eyevis LED modules are calibrated before their shipment in order to provide a perfectly matching appearance on their installation.
  • Electromagnetic compliance
    Our proprietary product design made in Germany ensures 100% interference-free electromagnetic behaviour of the modules complying with common EMC standards.
  • Precise and service friendly mechanics
    The innovative product design enables trouble- free assembly of the modules and simple access to the components from the front or back side for maintenance works.

Technical Specifications

Pixel Pitch 1.5 mm 2.0 mm 2.5 mm
Pixel (W×H) 320 × 240 240 × 180 192 × 144
Module Size 480 × 360 × 100 mm 480 × 360 × 100 mm 480 × 360 × 100 mm
Module Area 0.17 m² 0.17 m² 0.17 m²
Service Access Front/Rear Side Front/Rear Side Front/Rear Side
Viewing Angle 160° H/V 160° H/V 160° H/V
Brightness 1,500 cd / m² (calibrated 1.250 cd / m²) 1,500 cd / m² (calibrated 1.250 cd / m²) 1,500 cd / m² (calibrated 1.250 cd / m²)
Contrast ≥ 3,000:1 ≥ 3,000:1 ≥ 3,000:1
Pixel Density 444,444 / m² 250,000 / m² 160,000 / m²
Lifetime (50% Brightness) > 100,000 hours > 100,000 hours > 100,000 hours
Processing 16 bit 16 bit 16 bit
Refresh Rate ≥ 1,200 Hz ≥ 1,200 Hz ≥ 1,200 Hz
Frame Rate 50/60 fps 50/60 fps 50/60 fps
Cooling Passive cooling system (on-board fans can be activated if required) Passive cooling system (on-board fans can be activated if required) Passive cooling system (on-board fans can be activated if required)

Product Brochure EYE-LED Series

Brochure eyeLED Series Picture

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