Professional LCDs for seamless video wall solutions

EYEVIS’ Video Wall Display Line-Up:

XSN-SerieS (3mm-Bezel-Class)

ESN-Series / ESN-PRO-Series (<2mm-Bezel-Class)

  • EYE-LCD-4600-ESN-PRO
    46 inch screen diagonal / 1.8mm bezel / 4K@60Hz loop-through / 700nit brightness
  • EYE-LCD-5500-ESN-FX
    55 inch screen diagonal / 1.8mm bezel / 4K loop-through / 700nit brightness

LCD Video Wall Solutions

Video walls with striking effect – stackable LCD monitors with a very slim bezel from eyevis

The thin-bezel versions from the eyeLCD series provide all features required for professional video wall installations. Thanks to the minimal gap between the active screen areas of the individual monitors the viewer hardly recognizes disturbing interruptions of the overall displayed content. All images and information can be displayed perfectly organized on a wall. The use of robust components and latest technology ensures best image quality, high resolution and the capability for trouble-free 24/7 continuous operation of the monitors.

Various innovations in display technology enhance the quality of display of the image contents and prevent or minimize the occurrence of negative effects such as „image sticking“. Due to their size and their flexible design the monitors can be installed in almost any environment without limitations. Whether video or computer signals – all data formats can be displayed on the screens. In connection with eyevis controllers and software a medium for presentation and information can be achieved that is ideally suited for control rooms and surveillance centres. But also in multimedia presentations these monitors show their impressive capabilities.

The video wall LCDs provide diverse inputs and outputs, loop-through functionality for signals and controls as well as internal matrix split controllers which avoids complex cabling on installation. For the devices with OPS standard slot it is possible to integrate an eyevisProcessingUnit. With this embedded controller units, it is possible to create a video wall system that can easily be integrated in a network environment. Data and video streams available on the network can be displayed without further controllers or decoding devices.

For a smooth integration of the video wall monitors, eyevis further provides a wide range of professional accessories, such as wall and ceiling mounts, video wall stands, moveable carts and many more.

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