eyevis 70-inch Multi-User Touch LCD


70-inch Multi-User Touch LCD Monitor with Edge-LED Backlight

eyevis‘ 70“ Full-HD Edge-LED Touch LCD Monitor

The new EYE-LCD-7000-LE-TOUCH-xIR display represents the latest version from eyevis professional edge-LED display versions.

It combines high resolution and unparalleled image quality with a slim design and low power consumption for a wide range of digital signage and control-room application.

With eyevis‘ unique optical enhanced treatment, it not only provides clear viewability, but also ensures added durability and strength in almost every ambient light condition.

The infrared touch surface is available with different numbers of touch points. The durable touch system is the perfect choice to provide interactive display contents and interoperability to the viewer.


The Advantages of the EYE-LCD-7000-LE-TOUCH-xIR

  • Superior Resolution
    Full-HD 1080p (1920 × 1080)
  • Two different brightness versions available (500 & 700 nit)
    EYE-LCD-7000-LE-500-TOUCH-xIR with 500nit
    EYE-LCD-7000-LE-700-TOUCH-xIR with 700nit
  • Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle
    176 degree viewing angle horizontally & vertically
  • Energy Saving Control
    Low power consumption thanks to Edge-LED backlight
  • Wide Compatibility
    Extensively tested with a broad variety of analog/digital PC and video modes.
  • Durable and Professional Design
    All metal structure, Sleek & low-key look that makes the content standout
  • Multi-User Touch
    Infrared touch surface with six or 32 simultaneous touch points.
  • Ideal for demanding applications in presentations, conferencing, sales or information