Ethernet Control & System Monitoring for eyevis Displays


System Monitoring & Ethernet-control
for eyevis LCD Displays

eyevis newly developed NetLink system provides the possibility to control any eyevis video wall display over Ethernet, as well as monitoring functions for the displays.

Monitoring Features
NetLink provides the possibility to read status information from the sensors inside the displays. Hence, proper operation of the devices can be monitored to ensure their availability or early detection of possible defects. In case the display sends values exceeding defined parameters an automatic alarm can be sent via standard email protocol.

Simple System Setup
The NetLink box converts the Ethernet control in a standard RS232 protocol to address the daisy-chained displays from any computer in the network without additional installation. Hence, any existing eyevis video wall can be upgraded to Ethernet-control-ability. NetLink functionality is realized through a little NetLink box which is mounted (magnetically attached) to the rear-side of one display in a video wall. From thereon, all displays can be connected through a standard RS232 daisy-chain between the displays.


  • Ethernet control for all current eyevis (video wall) LCDs
  • Retrofit possible (see list of compatible displays)
  • Monitoring and statistic features
  • Alert on predefined (warning) state
  • Communication pass-through with media control systems (Creston, AMX, …)
  • Only one unit per wall needed


System Monitoring & Ethernet-Control
for eyevis LCD Displays
  • Platform independent browser-based connection from any (multiple) computer in the same network
  • Control via NetLink GUI, command line or integration to media control
  • Monitoring interface
  • Statistics of system health
  • eMail alarm on critical state
  • User management and definable logins to avoid misuse


  • Set devices on / off (stand-by)
  • Input Source Selection
  • Configuration and Control for Video Wall Matrix and PiP/PbP Functions
  • Picture Settings (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, RGB Colour Settings, Gamma, Colour Temperature, Local Dimming, Non-Stick Mode, ...)

Monitoring Parametres:

  • Power Status
  • Input Signal
  • Fan Status / Speed
  • Picture Settings
  • Backlight Setting
  • System Temperaturer

*The exact range of functions depends on the device version

Connectors & Dimensions

1 - Micro USB (Power Supply)
2 - HDMI Input (required for initial configuration only)
3 - 3.5mm audio jack (not required)
4 - RJ45 Ethernet Port
5-8 - USB 2.0 Ports


System Monitoring & Ethernet-Control
for eyevis LCD Displays

Compatible Display Versions from the eyeLCD Series

Narrow Bezel Video Wall Displays

4K/UHD DIsplays

Full-HD DIsplays

The list of supported displays is continuously updated.