EYE-LCD Series

Professional Full HD Monitors

FULL-HD LCD Monitors

Professional stand-alone LCDs from eyevis

These standard single displays provide highly professional LCD technology on the technological cutting edge and will satisfy all the requirements of an exacting and professional application. Our alignment of the product on the rigorous industry standards guarantees perfect picture quality, the highest reliability and the longest operating time.

Whether on information counters – for example, in automobile show rooms, in cultural or scientific areas, in monitoring and security centres or as a direct transmission medium for video conferencing – the special features of eyevis stand-alone LCD monitors make them suitable for the greatest variety of application areas. The plain design of the monitors moves the image contents into the foreground and assures that the message hits the target at which it was aimed.

All standard individual displays offer full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 px) and are available in screen diagonals of 46", 55", 70", and 80".

They combine high resolution and excellent image quality with various feed-in capacities for different signal sources. Thanks to the solid and proven LCD technology at eyevis and the optimum image quality, the displays provide the best image quality and readability even in bright ambient light, a feature that additionally increases its application.

The devices are equipped with robust metal housings, some available in colors. They are outfitted with a number of functions and input possibilities that permit their application even in critical areas.

Available for all displays are, of course, a large variety of optional extensions such as speakers, mountings, pedestals and touch surfaces with which they can be tailored perfectly to virtually every requirement.

46 Inch:

EYE-LCD-4600-OPS (Edge-LED Backlight/OPS)

46-inch Screen Diagonal (ca. 117 cm) / Full-HD Resolution 1.920×1.080px / OPS-Slot

55 Inch:

EYE-LCD-5500-LE-700 (Edge-LED Backlight/700 nit)

55-inch Screen Diagonal (ca. 139 cm) / Full-HD Resolution 1.920×1.080px / Brightness: 700 cd/m2

EYE-LCD-5500-OPS (Edge-LED Backlight/OPS)

55-inch Screen Diagonal (ca. 139 cm) / Full-HD Resolution 1.920×1.080px / OPS-Slot

70 Inch:

EYE-LCD-7000-LE-700 (Edge-LED Backlight)

70-inch Screen Diagonal (ca. 177 cm) / Full-HD Resolution 1.920×1.080px / Brightness: 700 cd/m2

80 Inch:

EYE-LCD-8000-LE-500/700 (Edge-LED Backlight)

80-inch Screen Diagonal (ca. 203 cm) / Full-HD Resolution 1.920×1.080px / Brightness: 500 or 700 cd/m2