EYE-LCD Series

Professional Full HD Monitors

FULL-HD LCD Monitors

Professional stand-alone LCDs from eyevis

These standard single displays provide highly professional LCD technology on the technological cutting edge and will satisfy all the requirements of an exacting and professional application. Our alignment of the product on the rigorous industry standards guarantees perfect picture quality, the highest reliability and the longest operating time.

The devices are equipped with robust metal housings, some available in colors. They are outfitted with a number of functions and input possibilities that permit their application even in critical areas.

Available Versions:

32 Inch / EYE-LCD-3200-24LE
81 cm Screen Diagonal | Full-HD | 24/7

42 Inch / EYE-LCD-4200-24LE-V2
107 cm Screen Diagonal | Full-HD | 24/7

47 Inch / EYE-LCD-4700-24LE-V2
119 cm Screen Diagonal | Full-HD | 24/7

55 Inch / EYE-LCD-5500-LE-700
139 cm Screen Diagonal | Full-HD | 700nit

70 Inch / EYE-LCD-7000-LE-700
177 cm Screen Diagonal | Full-HD | 700nit

80 Inch / EYE-LCD-8000-LE-700
203 cm Screen Diagonal | Full-HD | 700nit

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