Mirror LCD

eyevis Showcase: Custom Wardrobe Mirror

Mirror LCD

eyevis Showcase: Custom Wardrobe Mirror

The custom Wardrobe Mirror installation shows a use case created by eyevis that fits in various scenarios in high class hospitality market such as hotel rooms, lobbies and lounges.

Slightly adapted use cases include visitor frequented spaces like medical practices, conferencing rooms, waiting rooms of transport media, trades shows and many more...

The wardrobe mirror goes beyond reflecting the image of the user, it adds information into the real world which makes it an augmented reality display application.

This use case consists of several connected components:

  • a custom eyevis display including a design frame and a mirror glass
  • a Raspberry Pi computer supplying the signal
  • Magic Mirror software arranging the contents
  • remote data sources for contents like Google calendar or RSS feeds
  • Display:
    eyevis selected a 46’’ display (EYE-LCD-4600-LE-700, eyevis Art.-Nr. 19539) with the following core features:
    • Portrait orientation
    • Brightness: 700 cd/m²
    • Fan-less operation
    • Outside dimensions 1057,1 mm × 611,9 mm × 77 mm

  • Mirror Glass:
    The display was covered by a semi transparent mirror glass by the renowned supplier Schott in the outside dimensions of the frame.
    • Schott Mirona® Beamsplitter (Datasheet)
    • Transmittance 59 % ± 5 %, reflectance 36 % ± 5 %
    • Dimensions 1.056 mm × 610 mm × 4 mm (about outside dimensions of display)

  • Frame:
    This mirror glass was placed outside of the front bezel of the display. It was surrounded by a custom picture frame.
    • Gebert 5540-01 wooden picture frame in Chrome Design (Data)
    • Dimensions (inside, required for production) 1060 mm x 614 mm

The picture frame surrounded the glass and the display. It is combined by brackets so that the compete custom mirror display can be fixed to the wall by the VESA screws of the display.

The sketch shows in a lateral section the principle of the arrangement and connection of the display component:

GREY: Wall and wall mount

BLACK: Display

RED: Mirror Glass

BLUE: Frame

GREEN: Brackets to connect frame and display

Use Case Wardrobe Mirror

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