EYE-LCD Series

Professional LCD Products from eyevis


eyeLCD Video Wall LCD

LCD Video Wall Displays

Stackable display modules sized 46”, 49" and 55" with extremely narrow bezels for professional seamless video wall installations.

eyeLCD Ultra-HD LCD Monitors

Ultra-High-Definition LCD Monitors (4K / QHD)

Ultra-HD diplays offering 4K HD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) with screen sizes of 50", 58", 65",75", 84", 85" und 98".

eyeLCD Professional Full-HD LCD Monitors Full-HD LCD Monitors

Standalone displays in Full-HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels) and a display size of 32", 42", 47", 55”, 70” und 80".
eyeLCD Touch Display Solutions

Touch-LCD Displays

High-End monitors from the eyeLCD series enhanced with multi-point touch system.

LCDs for TV Studios / Broadcasters

Super Narrow Bezel Displays optimized for Video Walls in TV Studios

eyeLCD squareTILES Architectural Displays


Square LCD displays for creative and innovative installations. Very flexible applications possible.

EYE-LCD Series


Our eyevis LCD monitors are always on the cutting edge of technical advancement. They are used in television control rooms, security centers, control room design and technology, computer centers, video surveillance, process visualization and in many other areas of professional information and communication..

Professional and convincing

Whether as stand-alone displays or in combination with larger units and complete video walls – eyevis LCD monitors offer a total range and satisfy every demand through their quality, their technical know-how and, by no means an unimportant economic benefit, their remarkable longevity.

A broad range of mountings, pedestals and base frames as well as optionally available high-quality add-on speakers provide an ideal solution for every situation and requirement.
Moreover, the potential for tailoring the displays with various input options according to the individual requirements of the respective application is an added inducement.

For the management of the monitors and the processing of the information presented as screen contents, the netPIX controller and the eyeCON software from eyevis comprise top-drawer choices. And additional solutions are possible.

By the way: the eyeLCD series monitors, complete with innovative touch-screen technology for interactive applications and the simple management of presentations, are also available..

The scope of the eyeLCD series offers the right solution for every requirement:

  • ‘Classical’ monitors, to some extent with individual framing color options for applications of every kind
  • Monitors with a narrow bezel for use in video walls or as an individual unit
  • Monitors with very narrow bezels for the assembling of ‘seamless’ video walls
  • Monitors with very high resolutions for extremely detailed presentations
  • squareTILES, quadrilateral LCD modules for creative video walls and digital signage installations
  • Transparent monitors for a striking, concerted presentation of exhibits and information
  • Preview monitors for professional broadcast applications, especially outdoors

Prove to yourself the quality of eyevis LCD monitors and various choices they offer.

eyeLCD Series Brochure