Eyevis launches LED upgrade campaign for existing rear-projection cubes


With the presentation of the eyevis TRP Cubes in January this year, the idea was quickly born to offer the projector used in the cost-optimized TRP cubes as an upgrade engine for existing cube installations. The acronym TRP stands for Tilt & Roll Pixel, an innovative process developed by Texas Instruments for a new generation of DMD chips built into DLP projectors.

Eyevis was the first manufacturer to bring this chip architecture to the market when developing a projector for rear-projection cubes. The chip architecture offers the possibility of making the projectors much smaller, more compact and, above all, less energy-consuming without sacrificing the necessary brightness. The cost-optimized design of the projectors and the cube housing ultimately leads to low entry prices for large screen systems based on rear-projection cubes. Long-life LEDs are used as the light source for the projectors, which have proven their lifetime of up to 90,000 hours in 24/7 continuous operation.

In addition to the complete Cubes, which are available with native full HD resolution (1,920 × 1,080 pixels) and screen diagonals of 50 and 60 inches, the projectors are also available as a detached product for the sustainable and especially cost-effective solution for retrofitting existing rear-projection cubes with durable LED technology. The compact design of the projectors allows integration into 99% of existing rear projection cubes, regardless of type or manufacturer. In general, only minimal mechanical intervention is necessary to replace the projectors. As a result, the housings remain in place, making architectural modifications to the control room superfluous. Depending on the condition of the screens, these can also remain in place. Thanks to integrated image processing, the TRP projectors are capable of natively reproducing any image format up to Full HD. If necessary, the signal can also be digitally scaled or corrected to optimize the display. A lifetime of the LED-illumination of up to 90,000 hours means a 10-year extended lifetime of an existing cube wall. Not to mention the other advantages, such as the elimination of costs for wear parts, brighter and more brilliant imaging and lower energy costs.

Benefit now from our unique LED upgrade offer for your lamp cubes. The advantages are obvious:

  • Lower operating and maintenance costs, no costs for wear parts such as lamps or colour wheels
  • Up to 90,000 hours lifespan
  • Environmentally friendly, energy efficient and unparalleled silent in operation
  • Brilliant pictures due to larger colour space
  • Long-term stable colours and brightness through integrated auto-colour adjustment
  • 2 years warranty on the LEDs
  • Upgrade for DLP® Cubes of all manufacturers possible
  • In most cases, housings and screens of existing cubes can be reused, eliminating structural changes
  • Quality “Made in Germany”

The first step in a brighter future is done.

For detailed technical information on upgrading to LED technology with eyevis projectors, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff at 07121 – 43303-0 or by email at sales@eyevis.de.

Additional information can further be found on the product pages of our website or in our information flyer on the “TRP LED-Upgrade Solutions”.