eyevis TRP Cube nominated for InAVation Awards 2017


eyevis is proud to announce that we have been nominated for a Technology Award at the prestigious InAVation Awards. Winner will be determined via public voting.

Our revolutionary TRP Cube is listed as one of the technology finalists at the ISE 2017 show in Amsterdam. Voting is open now and we would love it if you could take a minute to vote for us before the show takes place in February.

TRP (Tilt & Roll Pixel) is a newly developed pixel architecture based on proven Texas Instruments DLP projection technology. TRP uses an optimized approach to tilt the individual micro-mirrors on the DMD chip, which allows smaller and more efficient designs of the projection engines while still maintaining the proven quality and advantages of DLP based systems. The more efficient optical design does not only result in a smaller form factor of the projector, but also in less power consumption and heat dissipation, keeping up brightness at sufficient values for control room installations at the same time. The higher efficiency is also noticeable in the price, so that the cubes can be offered at a significantly lower price level.

The EC-LHD-TRP series – consisting of a 50 and a 60 inch version – has a native resolution of Full HD (1920×1080 pixels). The mechanical alignment ensures that each pixel is mapped exactly to the cube without digital image distortion. Power consumption and heat output is 50% of conventional cubes. Life-time of the LEDs is 60,000 hours and more – depending on operating mode.

To find out more about the specification and features please visit the TRP Cube product sheet.

We are delighted to see that our innovative TRP Cube has been recognized and nominated for this prestigious award.

You can vote by following this link: http://www.inavationawardsonthenet.net/technologyvoting.aspx

  1. Choose one product per category. You’ll find the TRP Cube in category 3 (“Technology for Control Rooms”)
  2. All votes will be validated by a strict minimum submission requirement of name, company name, individual’s company e-mail address and company contact telephone.
  3. Multiple entries from the same individual or block email addresses will not be counted.
  4. Online votes received from non-company email addresses (e.g. hotmail, yahoo etc) will be validated by IML EVENTS to ensure business legitimacy.

In order to qualify for automatic entry into the Awards Prize Draw all fields must be fully completed.

Thanks a lot for casting a vote for us!

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