eyevis video wall as studio background in most important Bavarian private TV station


Renovated studio of München Live TV relies on bezel-free LCD displays, optimised for Broadcast applications.

A 3×2 video wall by eyevis serves as an adjustable background in the renovated studio of München Live TV. The Munich-Schwabing-based regional private TV station opted for the EYE-LCD-4600-M-USN-LD-BC model, a special version of the bezel-free 46ʺ LCD display for Broadcast applications.

Thanks to a special treatment of the panel surface the Broadcast version of the displays can precisely adjusted to a colour temperature of the 3000 Kelvin and allows for a calibration up to 6000 Kelvin. They thereby ensure a seamless blend of the solid studio set with the image content displayed on the video wall. As a display with Full-HD resolution, it furthermore offers outstanding image quality, high contrast, high brightness and high resolution. The small bezel of just 5.7 mm makes it suitable for the implementation of video walls in studio backgrounds with a virtually frameless design.

Static stage set and video clips

During the shows the video wall is mostly used as a static element of the stage set, displaying high-quality images and graphics. The studio is mainly used for the production of the show with the highest viewing figures, “münchen heute”, which is broadcast live at 6pm and also several times as a repeat every day.

“The eyevis displays were recommended to us as state-of-the-art for TV studios,” explains Marcus Gasa of München Live TV. “All of the modules already have the precise same colour ex factory, so that our video wall has a homogenous look. Since we carried out the integration in the studio ourselves, this was an important criterion. With these modules, we were able to set up the video wall quickly and without any complications.”

Two additional eyevis displays of the same series are on standby as mobile units, ready to use for example for talk situations with a studio guest. In such situations, they do not only display prepared graphics, but also short video clips. Here, the colour fidelity of the Broadcast version has proven itself, as well.

“The two additional mobile LCD displays are part of the emergency plan. Since they are the same models, the station could insert them in the video wall as a short term replacement,” adds Dieter Steffen, who supervised the project at eyevis.

Renovation in shortest amount of time

München Live TV made use of their studio renovation to also switch to HD. With its new studio, encompassing acrylic glass elements, the video wall and designer studio furniture, the station presents itself in a fresh and modern light again. The optical range of variation has increased dramatically thanks to the technical equipment. The studio can now present itself in different ways, thus transporting the respectively appropriate emotion.

For the renovation, the station used the time period of the Munich Oktoberfest, where they traditionally broadcast from a TV studio directly on site. After the end of the Oktoberfest 2015, after just three weeks, the full renovation was completed and the new studio went on the air.

Marcus Gasa comments: “In comparison to other regional private stations, we broadcast an exceptionally high share of in-house productions. We produce three to four hours of programmes every day, and also broadcast 24 hours a day. Consequently our infrastructure and our high-quality studio equipment are indispensable to us. The video wall composed of eyevis displays is now the flagship of our modern public image!”



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