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Düsseldorf, Germany

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Munich, Germany

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Barceloona, Spain

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Barcelona, Spain

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Zaragoza, Spain

Traffic & Transport

Airports –  Motorways – Parking – Roads – Trains – Trams – Tunnels – Underground – Waterways

With the ever-growing volume of traffic, increasing accident numbers, fires in road and rail tunnels, assaults, vandalism and traffic congestion, the constantly expanding traffic network and also environmental concerns in the field of transport it is now essential that data and information received from traffic detectors, traffic signals, surveillance cameras or other sources are centrally administered, monitored and distributed in a control room, for example, in a traffic or tunnel control centre. This guarantees prompt checking and management of the data and therefore an increase in productivity, efficiency and mobility.
The safety of roads, tunnels, motorways, rail networks, waterways and air traffic largely depends on the availability and readability of the data and information in the control room. The automatic choice for the operative tasks in a central control room is therefore a video wall system.
All applications, data and video signals can be displayed in real time, so that even in extreme situations a rapid response is possible, enabling appropriate measures to be implemented immediately.

In this sector, for instance, the following information will be visualised:
graphics (maps, road or rail networks, time-tables ...), GPS applications, camera signals, traffic detectors, signal systems, fan and ventilator status indicators, alarm signals and other monitoring systems.