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Telecommunication & Data Centres

Network Operation Centres (NOC) of Telephone Companies (home phone and mobile services) and Internet Providers

Network functions and the transmitted data have to be displayed in operating centres, network control rooms, and data centres of companies in the telecommunication branch. Often, large-screen systems are used for the central display of the network. On this master display video wall it is possible to show complex graphics, customer-specific applications, high-quality voice and data streams, network sources, trouble management (network control, fault recovery and availability), security management,  account management and quality management.

In the network and computer centres of companies, public institutions or ICT service providers, their networks, PCs and servers are monitored, often nation-wide or even internationally. Video wall systems are designed for just this kind of application, namely the representation of mainly computer-based data. Numerous so-called capture sources (Windows, Solaris, Unix) can also be displayed using the eyecon software. A new and popular tool which is part of this video wall system is the active picture control and compatibility with the currently offered tools for system-management (Tivoli, Netview, HP-Openview, Netcool, ZIS....). It is an advantage that, under certain conditions, if there is a breakdown, the operator is able to view the whole operative process with all connected CIs.
The key component of a computer centre's control room is the centrally installed large screen display. This proactive video wall system shows for all groups as well as for the management-level relevant information about failures and breakdowns. The teams see not only the most important  information for their own area, but can also deduce the interconnections to other areas /respectively to the CIs installed in them and also stand in for other teams. Using the functions of the eyecon software, the video wall could in theory "notify" the control centre staff -in real time - as soon as a failure or an alarm occurs.

Advantages of a video wall system in this field:

  • Optimisation of communication between teams
  • Reduction of time for reaction to breakdowns
  • Recovery and trouble-shooting
  • Optimal communications and rapid co-ordination when dealing with failures and breakdowns
  • Quick provision of specific information to customers

eyevis provides here, too, the ideal solution. The eyeCON software offers numerous possibilities of integration, which are unrivalled on the market, resulting in undreamt of potential of monitoring in this field.