CCTV Centre Wakefield Council

Pontefract, United Kingdom

Police Centre Lugano

Lugano, Switzerland

Ministry of Interior Baden-Wurttemberg

Stuttgart, Germany

Emergency Centre 112 Cantabria

Santander, Spain

Security & Defence

Control Centres – Fire and Rescue Services - Military Command Centres – Air Traffic Control – Coastguards

Rising crime rates, vandalism, and terrorism, as well as an increasing number of conflict zones, have led to an increased need for observation systems in the field of security. Generally speaking, security centres have a variety of video camera streams, as well as other sources that have to be constantly monitored.
Reliable and robust systems are needed, whereby particular care must be taken to respect data protection laws when handling private and confidential data. Video wall solutions should therefore be suitable for connection to installations carrying such data.

Reliable and real-time access to such sensitive data must be guaranteed in a continuously operating system. Needed here are presentations, graphic representations (maps, networks), GPS applications, monitoring systems, video signals, tactical applications, PCs, etc.

Control rooms in this field support decision management, crisis management, infrastructure protection, CCTV surveillance, flight control, mobile commando centres for modern warfare, control of troop movements, parameter control, protection from attack, radar observation, etc.

Specifically designed eyevis systems have also been provided for requirements in the security sector and have demonstrated their superior quality in numerous installations. As a rule, applications in this field must be carefully customised to fulfill client specifications