Public Water Authorities

Zurich, Switzerland


San Donato Milanese, Italy


Wendlingen, Germany

GEN Energija

Ljubljana, Slovenia

EDF Corse

Bastia, France


Energy Production - power plants - energy distribution - energy networks - power transmission - municipal utilities - waste incinerating plants

Because of the growing demand for energy, there is also a need for efficient methods of monitoring procedures and systems. In this field, large data displays in conjunction with SCADA systems are generally used for monitoring and management centres. The operators must be supplied in real time with intelligent, clearly-displayed data. Ibis information consists mostly of flow charts, energy networks, pipelines and voltage overland lines, gauge readings, pressure levels, pump and valve adjustments. Further applications which must be displayed are SCADA and DCS applications, graphic representations, production overviews, network tables, camera signals, customer-specific software and applications concerned with transmission, distribution and production. An optimal and reliable visualisation solution makes a decisive contribution to the prevention of breakdowns.

Water Management

Sewage plants, water services, hydro-electric plants, dams.
In the field of water supplies, sewage plants, and water works, the greater demand for water, together with climate change and the increased volume of waste water, has inevitably led to an increased volume of data. This information must then necessarily be displayed in more detail as well as presented in a user-friendly format. As the standard solution in control rooms for SCADA and DCS systems, large-screen systems are the unquestionably preferred. The operators can monitor video walls, flow charts, pumps, valves, pressure gauges, volume indicators, counters, status information, and more in real-time. At the same time, it is also possible to visualise on the video wall information from surveillance cameras at strategic locations.
This means that comprehensive monitoring of a production and processing plant is possible, ensuring that defects and breakdowns can be swiftly identified and rectified. A primary concern here is also the safety aspect, which has a great influence on the productivity and efficiency of such an installation.